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Anthological Map

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Due Date


10/29: Complete map in class


After reading the discussion of "Mapping a Conversation" in Having Your Say and after having done some research on your topic, you should have a good sense for how to organize and map the different positions within the topic you have chosen. In this assignment, you will create a visual map of your topic and some of the positions within it. How you organize and design the map is up to you, but you should address the following questions and concerns:


* What are the various arguments people make about my topic?

* How do these arguments overlap? How are they the same?

* How do these arguments clash? How are they different?

* What are the "spans" of the different arguments?

* What stasis points are in play for my anthology? (Are there arguments about definitions? Are there evaluate arguments? Can these stasis points be used to map your topic?


Grading Criteria

This assignment accounts for 5% of your grade. When grading this assignment, I will be evaluating the following:


*Is your map detailed? Have you provided a range of positions and shown that your topic is complicated enough to sustain an anthology project?

* Is your map easy to read and understand? Does it give us a good sense of how the different arguments you have read clash/overlap?

* Does the map show evidence that you have been researching your topic?

* Have you applied the tools and concepts we have talked about in class?

* Was your map turned in on time? (Reminder: I do not accept late work.)

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